Dasung Paperlike HD-F
Dasung Paperlike HD-F
Dasung Paperlike HD-F
Dasung Paperlike HD-F

Dasung Paperlike HD-F

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Dasung Paperlike  HD-F

Feeling the strain of focusing on your traditional computer? The harsh blue light may be causing you eye strain. With the DASUNG Paperlike HD-F, eye fatigue is significantly lessened. Instead of forcing your eyesight to endure the harsh light and colors of your LCD display, the Paperlike HD-F feels like looking at real ink and paper rather than an electronic screen. It can replace your expensive blue light glasses and help your eyes feel rested and focused. 

The DASUNG Paperlike HD-F comes with :  

  • 1 E-ink screen
  • 1 Stand stick
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 set of VESA screws (75*75mm)
  • 1 Quickstart brochure
  • 1 User manual


  • No glare makes it the perfect monitor to use outdoors
  • Feels like looking at real ink and paper rather than a screen
  • Reduces eye strain by eliminating harsh colors and light
  • 3 inch screen
  • New touchscreen capability
  • White and warm front light
  • Dasung turbo speeds up process for high refresh technology
  • Considered to be the fastest E-ink monitor until the release of the Dasung Paperlike 253
  • Does not give off harsh backlight that causes eye strain
  • Supports iPhone, iPad, mac and PC
  • Can replace your blue light glasses
  • works with Windows, Mac (OS X 10.11 or higher), Linux, Ubuntu, iPhone, and iPad.
  • In stock and ships next day! 

If you prefer working outdoors, the DASUNG Paperlike HD-F can take you from your desk to a grassy spot at your favorite park. With traditional monitors, the glare of the sunlight would make it extremely difficult to read anything on your screen. However, the Paperlike HD-F eliminates the glare, allowing you to read comfortably outdoors.


The DASUNG Paperlike HD-F is the most advanced e-ink monitor currently available on the market. It is considered to be the fastest monitor, rivaled only by the latest upcoming DASUNG release, the Paperlike 253. DASUNG’s turbo technology speeds up the refresh rate for faster web browsing.

This particular model does NOT features a touch screen.   For touch capability please review the Paperlike HD-FT.

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