Dasung Paperlike 253
Dasung Paperlike 253
Dasung Paperlike 253
Dasung Paperlike 253

Dasung Paperlike 253

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Dasung Paperlike 253 E-ink Desktop Monitor

The Paperlike 253 is not yet available for purchase in North America.

If you need an e-ink monitor today, the Paperlike HD-F and Paperlike HD-FT are in stock and ship next day.

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The world’s fastest e-ink display just got a brand-new upgrade. Introducing the DASUNG Paperlike 253 E-ink Desktop Monitor. With 23.5 inches of high resolution, the DASUNG Paperlike 253 is easy on the eyes and bigger than ever.   If you are sensitive to bright lights or have headaches working with LCD displays this is the monitor you've been waiting for.

Shop-eink is an Authorized agent of DASUNG Tech Co. Ltd. in North America for sales and technical support.  We are committed to your satisfaction and well being.

  • Size: 25.3 diagonal inches
  • Color: Grayscale monitor
  • Resolution: 3200 x 1800 pixels
  • Display driver: Dasung Turbo high refresh rate
  • First of it's kind e-ink technology that's ready for general computing
  • Benefits:
  • Reduces eye strain
  • No bright lights compared to LCD displays
  • Eliminates blue light eye strain
  • Uses less power than LCD displays
  • Perfect for typing, coding, web browsing
  • Not made for gaming or streaming

E-ink displays are commonly used in e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle. Traditionally these displays have been quite small, however technology has continued to evolve and e-ink is now ready for increased productivity and eye healthy computing.

The Paperlike 253 features vast improvements on its last model, including higher refresh rates that rival traditional LCD displays. The previous problem with e-ink technology was that the refresh technology was not equipped to handle Internet browsing. However, the Paperlike 253 has been engineered with DASUNG Turbo. This new software helps speed up the process and makes it easier to use e-ink technology for web browsing and writing. This is the perfect device for individuals who are looking for a monitor to compose documents on and write code.

The DASUNG Paperlike 253 e-ink monitor features the biggest display of its kind. It uses less power than traditional LCD displays. It’s also better for your health. The grayscale design of the DASUNG Paperlike 253 lessens the amount of eye strain usually caused by traditional monitors.

Eye fatigue can be caused by many things, but the number one perpetrator is prolonged use of our electronic devices. Most LCD monitors use a harsh backlight that irritates eyes and can cause some pain. Our eyes are not made to take in large amounts of artificial light. E-ink displays cause considerably less eye strain due to their warm backlight. They also don’t give off blue light, a common cause of headaches and eye fatigue.

Eye strain can make it difficult to stay focused on work and school. With a variety of activities now being offered online, it’s important to keep our eye health in mind. Now more than ever, we spend a lot of our time in front of screens. Make the best choice for yourself and your family by investing in an e-ink monitor.